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Weight Loss For Busy Moms Ideas

It is always hard to keep up with weight loss programs and exercise especially if you are a busy mom. Being a mom is a steady job especially if you are a working mom with two kids. Well, I can say that it is tough, that is my experience, and I’m sure you too can relate. I have tried different types of dieting and some exercise, I have enrolled in a gym and have done home exercises as well. They are great for the health though, I felt good and always on the mood especially every after exercise, but sometimes I just can’t keep up. I’m a working mom with two kids.

Aside from that, I have duties at home, my chores are all piled up, and as kids play around and do their stuff, my job as a mom never ends. Every day, the task are all the same and very monotonous. I even have no time to chill. It seems that there’s no time in a day to count calories or pay close enough attention to everything I am eating on a daily basis. I have no more time for my belly exercise. Therefore, time is what I need.

I always wanted to look good and feel good even if I’m already a mom. Well, looking good should not end even if we are already a mother of 10 children. I believe looking good and feeling good about oneself is a never ending journey. However, how can I make weight loss possible if I don’t have much time? Sometimes I just can’t do away with food especially when I’m with my kids. They love to eat, and I love eating with them too. This now makes weight loss a lot difficult to put on to.

There are a lot of weight loss ways we can work on to for busy moms. It does not have to be a burden. Well, you if you are too busy that is already one way we can forget about food. If kids love to eat, then you don’t have to deprive yourself. It all matters on the food you prepare for your family. If they love to eat, then that is a good sign they are healthy, and you should prepare them healthy foods that you too can benefit. So it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Easy Tips to Lose Weight for Busy Moms

Take a minute- you may not have a whole hour to go to the gym and workout. However, you can take a moment here and there to do short bursts of exercise, such as sit-ups, or push-ups. Take a run down the stairs. Dance for a full minute. These are perfect for helping you to lose weight and tone up.

Make a smoothie in the morning- big enough for breakfast and lunch. Serve it with a large salad made of leafy greens, sun-dried tomatoes, flax crackers, crispy red onions, and avocado. I have found that nutrition and supplements are more important than exercise.

Take the time to eat with your children- just don’t finish what they leave. Eat your dinner and let them eat their own. If you happen to have leftovers, simply put them away for the next meal. Part of motherhood is learning how to be efficient- always looking ahead.

Eat some chocolate- every day if you want. You must make sure that it’s dairy and sugar free. Enjoy every single bite. It won’t leave you wanting more if it’s real chocolate.

Give yourself five minutes, uninterrupted, to put your thoughts together for the day. Make the menu for the day, and plan out the day. Taking those few extra minutes will help your day to go smoothly and help you to plan to eat the right things- and lose weight, etc.